Wiesow Management LLC is an agricultural commodities provider and supplier

for industrial hemp seed and hemp byproducts — offering sourcing, placement, and wholesale opportunities.

Wiesow — We Know

We know hemp is a high-value commodity with great potential in a wide range of industries — healthcare, body products, construction, textiles, livestock, food production, auto manufacturing, and more. The list grows longer as the benefits of hemp show themselves up and down the supply chain, while adding sustainability to crop production and supporting a healthy environment.

 We provide and manage a comprehensive structure for the industrial hemp production chain — from research, genetics, strain cultivation and processing, to brokerage, integration, wholesaling, and sales. From "seed to shelf" we cover all stages of the hemp production process. Whether you're a farmer or a manufacturer, Wiesow works for you — freeing up your time and maximizing your return on investment.  

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