Drone Mapping and Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture refers to the way farmers manage crops to ensure efficiency of water and fertilizer, and to maximize productivity, quality, and yield. The practice minimizes pests, unwanted flooding, and disease. 


Drone mapping, one of a number of precision agriculture techniques, increases efficiency and sustainability which increases profitablitly. Use of the big data gathered by this technology is useful to guide both immediate and future decisions at every stage of crop lifecycle.


Drones allow farmers to constantly monitor crop and livestock conditions by air to quickly find problems that would not become apparent in ground-level spot checks. For example, a farmer might find through time-lapse drone photography that part of a crop is not being properly irrigated.



The process of using a drone to map or survey crops is a relatively straightforward one. Many newer agricultural drone models come equipped with flight planning software that allows the user to draw around the area needing coverage. Once airborne, the drone takes photos using onboard sensors and a high-definition camera, and uses GPS to determine when to take each shot. 

Wiesow offers FAA-certified drone piloting services

Standard Services

2D Map                   

Standard top down imagery of field from 50ft to 400ft above.

3D model              

Typically used for full farm or maps that include buildings or extreme elevation changes with mixed-use buildings. Will provide a 3D model of the area.

Plant Health

NDVI measurements on plant health, specifics will depend on various software options, compatibility, and desired data.


Topographical map of field or desired area to plant. Can be done as a preview before planting to help design irrigation and where to plant, or after planting to monitor any changes.

Advanced Services

Plant Count

Provides a digital plant count to monitor health and quantity of crop;  great tool for projecting crop yields.


Offers an in-depth look at moisture levels of your field and where more or less water is needed. Greatly improves irrigation efficiency.


Mostly used for greenhouse, solar, and other energy resources to monitor efficiency and improve balance.


Full Farm Map - including buildings

Field mapping and 3D building mapping, as well as content of the farm from an aerial view. Still photos and combination of various services can be done to create a complete farm mapping package.

Wiesow is headquartered in Portland, but we will travel to your acreage. We specialize in larger properties, providing exterior shots only.

To learn more about Wiesow's Drone Services, request a quote,  or to begin a service order, please submit this form.

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