10 Seed Pack $20  100 Seed pack $150

1 lb to 20 lb $5,000 per lb.




Sow the Sweet seeds of the future, with Wiesow #1 "SOW SWEET" genetics.

limited supply 

"SOW SWEET" (Wiesow#1) seeds produce an industrial hemp plant that is hardy & robust, with a complex terpene profile.  


This genetic is known for it's flowering volume, mid to high CBD content (10% to 12%CBD), low to no THC, accompanied with a high terpene profile, and bred to be USDA Compliant when grown properly. 

High Female Ratio

Germination rates came in at an astounding 95% with in 48 hours (100 seed sample test). 80% female 20% male

The truth is, when buying feminized seed, you will still have to scan the fields for male and or hermaphrodite plants.  Why pay $1 per seed. when you can pay much less (under .20 cents per seed) for better results. 


There is a limited supply. Order yours today!

This cherry genetic is arguably one of the best Industrial Hemp cultivars available on the market today. It is used by many of the premiere commercial Industrial Hemp growers in the nation, for both high-end smoke-able CBD flower and high volume CBD & terpene extraction.

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